The Company has an industrial complex located in Oriago, Via Ghebba n.65/D, in the province of Venice, adequately served by access roads to the junctions with the main motorways and with the embarkation docks of Marghera Port.
The industrial site is spread over a total area of 4,600 square meters. divided as follows:
- an indoor area consisting of 1 workshop building for a total of approx. 800 m2 equipped with an 8 t overhead travelling crane.
- surface area used for offices 300 m2
- surface area used as a storage area 3,500 m2


Nr. 1 calender 3.000x15
Nr. 1 200 t hydraulic press
Nr. 2 FICEP punching presses
Nr. 1 oxy-cutting bench with 3-torch optical pantograph
Nr. 1 plasma cutter
Nr. 2 magnetic base drills
Nr. 2 column drills
Nr. 1 radial drill
Nr. 2 profiling machines
Nr. 1 edge bander
Nr. 2 guillotine shears 3 m. thickness 6 mm. and 3 m. thickness 14 mm
Nr. 2 seamers
Nr. 2 bending presses 5 m. thickness 6 mm, 3 m. thickness 12 mm
Nr. 3 control units for piping flushing, flow rate 1/m 1,800, equipped with sounder, filters and electronic control of pollutants in the flushing oil
Nr. 1 automatic system for plasma pipe cutting
Nr. 1 jigsaw.

Nr. 2 pneumatic saws for cuts on site on pipes with a diameter of up to 16"
Nr. 3 band saws
Nr. 3 disc mitre saws
Nr. 2 horizontal lathes
Nr. 2 roller positioners from 5 to 30 t.
Nr. 1 hydraulic extractor for the replacement of pipes on pipe bundles of exchangers and/or condensers
Nr. 2 electric rolling machines
Nr. 1 mandrinatrice pneumatica
Nr. 2 pneumatic expander
- Ø 2 1/2” - torque 1,500 Kgm
- Ø 1 1/2” - torque 1,000 Kgm
Nr. 3 hydraulic pliers for PRESS-FITTING pipes up to 4"
Nr. 1 pneumatic chamfering machine for bevels to be performed on boiler pipes
Nr. 7 MAG semi-automatic welding machines
Nr. 30 static rotary welding machines for TIG and SMAW


Nr. 2 lattice crane RIGO 40 t + jib
Nr. 1 telescopic crane RIGO 16 t
Nr. 1 telescopic crane RIGO 18 t
Nr. 3 MANGHI 6-8 t hydraulic mobile cranes
Nr. 2 forklift trucks 2 t
Nr. 2 trucks with bigo 35
Nr. 1 articulated truck 100 quintals
Nr. 1 platform 100 quintals
Nr. 4 vans for the mixed transportation of persons and property
Nr. 8 engine driven welders
Nr. 30 rotary electro-welders

Nr. 2 winches
Nr. 2 generators of 80 - 100 km
Nr. 1 high pressure pump FG 250 atm. With rotating nozzles
Nr. 2 motor compressors
Nr. 2 electro-compressors
Nr. 2 pipe cutting - crimping machines
Nr. 2 demountable buildings for construction site workshops with overhead crane of 25 quintals
Nr. 2 hydraulic screwdrivers for tie rods up to 2 1/2"
Various portable tools (jacks, grinders, tirfor, argon systems, etc.)
Tool boxes for pipe makers, welders, fitters, carpenters, mechanics, electricians.